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Hey, I'm Laura. 

I currently live and work as an independent filmmaker on Treaty 6 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta. My work spans across many styles and formats, but my specialty and passion is in Super 8 film production and editing. With no formal education in the cinematic arts, I made my way into the world of film through mentorship with fellow artists, extensive self-education and pushing through one ambitious project after the other.

My work with film began as a way to seek a sense of identity as a settler on the Canadian prairies and has since become a part of my identity itself. Whether through 35mm photography or Super 8 film, the subjects I capture with my camera are a reflection of how I often feel on this land – temporary like the abandoned homesteads; fast-paced and thoughtless like the cities. I thrive in the risk, fragility and imperfection of film; the scarcity that forces me to be content with what I shoot and the processing time that forces me to be patient to see how it turns out. The instantly compelling aesthetic of real film grain is naturally timeless and brings a dreamy nostalgia to a scene that’s impossible to replicate with any other format or filter. My work establishes a sense of time and place, and no matter what I’m working on, I rely on spontaneity to capture scenes and images that are genuine, truthful and beautiful in the way that only fleeting moments can be.

I've always got personal projects in the works, but my favorite artistic pursuits are the ones that involve other people. I have captured folks of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, and belief systems, and I believe that all people are worthy and beautiful. I value the weird and the wild above all, so no idea is too out there to be realized.


I would love to work with you. Get in touch.

Lizzie Derksen,


"Artistic collaboration with Laura is always an exhilarating experience; working with her, you know that what you are making together matters, that it is intrinsically worthwhile to capture on film (or memory card) a never-to-be-replicated chemistry between people in a particular time and place."

Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal


"Her footage is distinct as she leaves it uncropped in frame, and includes spools and light leaks. And there’s something about her photos that also sticks out, a certain arm’s length distance coupled with how it feels, well, old."  [Full article here.]

Dylan Rhys Howard, Producer/Director


"I’ve come to know [Laura] as one of the most prolifically creative people I’ve ever met; it seems she always has a project on the go, one that will challenge her and expand the scope of her practice."

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