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Jesse Northey - Picking The Numbers

2022 - 3:43

Official Music Video.


"The song is about my Mom gambling in Montana, a dog getting put down, and getting rich. We could shoot it in Vegas?"

Shot, Directed & Edited by Laura La France

Production Assistant: Jenna Rose Propp




Edmonton Journal - Fish Griwkowsky, September 21, 2022

"The video of the singer wandering around Las Vegas was beautifully shot on Super 8 film by local eagle-eye Laura La France."

Dusty Organ - Nicole Lauzon, August 16, 2022

"Capturing scenes and memories on film adds to the nostalgic feeling of the overall track, as viewers travel around Vegas alongside Northey, being granted access to what could be recent or years old memories." 

Killbeat Music - August 10, 2022

"Jesse Northey shares keno inspired video"


Capital City Film Festival - 2023 - Lansing, Michigan

Las Cruces International Film Festival - 2023 - Las Cruces, New Mexico

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